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The AMCCMA has worked diligently since its inception in 1989 on behalf of all municipal courts by continuing to introduce and monitor legislation that would have a direct impact on municipal courts.  As your president I will continue to make legislation a priority.  Each member of the AMCCMA can be proud to be part of an association that is dedicated to making each municipal court statewide the best court it can be and to provide the highest quality of service to the citizens of Alabama.


As a new municipal court clerk or magistrate, I would like to extend an invitation to you to join the AMCCMA and become a part of this great association.  This association works in conjunction with the Administrative Office of Courts in the all aspects of municipal courts, but especially in the area of education and legislation.  I encourage you to join.  For your convenience, you can print off a new member application from the website.  


Please complete the new member application and return it with your check to:



                                                PO Box 3585

                                                Montgomery, AL 36109


If you have any questions about the application or the association, please call me at 334-782-2201 after 5PM or email me at jevans1561@charter.net.  I look forward to a great year with the AMCCMA.
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