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Welcome to our Website


A   Advanced court personnel’s knowledge of the judicial system
M   Maintain quality continuing education
C   Committed to the support of Court Clerks and Magistrates
C   Committed to the relationship between municipal and district  courts
M   Model code of ethics for Court Clerks and Magistrates
A   Achieve fellowship with our organization

The Alabama Municipal Court Clerks and Magistrates Association was founded in 1989 in Montgomery, Alabama. A steering committee of thirteen court magistrates paved the way for the creation of an association dedicated to promoting education and professionalism within the Municipal Courts. AMCCMA Officer’s and Board of Directors have significant involvement on committees that develop and improve the field in Administration of Justice. They look forward to working with all our members in continuing to refine and improve excellence in our field.

The mission of the Alabama Municipal Court Clerks and Magistrates Association is “Develop and Improve Leadership, Promote and Encourage Fellowship, To Increase Trust and Confidence, and a Sense of Unity Among AMCCMA Members”.

A special message from JOY MOMAN to the municipal courts that use MSG software.  To those courts who have contacted me and expressed your strong desire to have this feature restored, I want you to know and all courts who use MSG that the BOARD is working diligently to have this feature restored.  The BOARD has contacted Senator Waggoner, Senator Ward and Justice Michael Bolin regarding this important matter.  Updates will be posted here as they occurr.    



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