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History of the AMCCMA

In 1991-1992, many dedicated hours from the AMCCMA Officer’s and Board of Directors was used to propose to propose a certification program that will enhance quality and leadership in the municipal courts throughout the State of Alabama. With coordination and cooperation from the Administrative Office of Courts, the Alabama League of Municipalities, and the Municipal Court Advisory Board, the proposed certification program was agreed upon and submitted to the Alabama Supreme Court.

Effective August 28, 1992, the Alabama Supreme Court amended Rule 18I (B)(3), Alabama Rules of Judicial Administration (A.R.J.A.), to require that each municipal court clerk and magistrate complete an orientation and certification program approved by the Certification Committee and the Administrative Office of Courts (AOC). The rule provides the magistrates serving each municipal court on August 28, 1992, must enroll within six months of the effective date of the amendment or, where the magistrate takes office after August 28, 1992, such magistrate must enroll within six months of the date of taking office.

Because of the large volume of interest in education from the court clerks and magistrates, the AMCCMA proposed an amendment to Rule 18 requiring annual education requirements. On February 14, 1995, the Supreme Court entered an order mandating that each certified court clerk and magistrate meet annual continuing education credits. During the 2009 Alabama Legislative Session Rule 18 was passed into law (check the guidelines and add correct infomation.
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